We create beautiful products, services, content and experiences. 
Driven by data and innovation, generating long-term business value and creating a positive impact on people’s lives.


Crafting experiences that help people and brands make the most of what today's world has to offer.

We align brand promise with customer expectations to define, design and deliver great experiences. We are a multidisciplinary, holistic, talented team that collaborates together to fuse today's thinking with tomorrow's possibilities. We frame projects and explore innovative and scalable solutions that match customer needs with business opportunities. We combine content, technology and data to construct connected platforms proofed for the future; always helping clients realise their true potential by embracing tomorrow's technologies.


H-ART's data-driven approach delivers tailored customer experiences for leading global brands.

Our focus on customer behaviours underpins our approach to developing projects that address both customer needs and business objectives. Through data analysis, we gain insights about customers and their behavioural patterns.

By adopting a meticulous data engineering approach, we deliver smart data strategies fuelled both by the quality of our insights and the respect for the human nature. We visualise data by combining imagination with our love for aesthetic beauty and logical rigour.


We apply a digital mindset to our client's business problems.

We design, develop and deliver new (digital) business models, products and services whilst championing a lean approach to product development.

Our guiding principles embrace agile processes and validated learning. By combining fast prototyping with open innovation methodologies, we successfully deliver end-to-end projects – stretching from the initial collection of customer insights through to the launching of a new product/service, all thanks to our combined skill sets in research, strategy and technology.

Leveraging our unique network of tech partners, startups and early stage investors, we are able to tackle innovation challenges with both speed and scale.


Every great company is great because of the way it responds to the one-off context in which it exists Ajaz Ahmed

Create stories that push forward the way brands communicate themselves is our mission.
Every piece of every story must be relevant for the right audience conveying the company's brand values. We achieve this with world changing creative talent, proven methodologies and powerful software. Whether an image, a video, a Facebook post, a website or the whole digital identity of a brand needs to be redesigned, our team works on data analysis, high editorial quality, accuracy and search-ability.


In the performance-driven context, creative and media must move as one.

By adopting a holistic and agnostic approach across all channels, we play to the strengths of whichever channel delivers the best results.
We optimise every stage of our projects through constant performance tracking; understanding how the combination of content strategy, dynamic creative and media planning can be effective and create lasting value for brands and people.

Our ADV format factory continuously innovate delivering creativity and scalable formats in more than 130 premium publishers across europe.