Superior customer satisfaction

How to bring Turkey to the forefront of technological innovation


Türk Telekom is the largest integrated telecommunications company in Turkey, providing services across all its 181 provinces, with a team of more than 34,000 employees.

The goal of the company is to become a true enabler of digital transformation across Turkey, creating the ideal conditions for business and individuals to prosper: from a provider of telecommunication products to a business partner.


Focussing on opportunities to best serve SOHO and SME customers, we defined the vision for the future customer experience of Türk Telekom’s corporate clients, developing the company’s digital strategy from both a UX and business perspective.

The new digital service ecosystem positions Türk Telekom as a valuable business partner and enabler for Turkish businesses, helping them streamline their work and significantly increasing their productivity.


Our key first step was defining a shared vision of the new customer experience, and establishing a common ground upon which to build an integrated, cross-functional strategy, embracing the company as a whole, from IT to Finance.

By attaching a solid business case to the strategic recommendation, we provided the C- suite with a comprehensive scenario, allowing for an informed decision, and securing a strong commitment to further support and invest in the digital transformation process.